Aug 29

Update on gambling advertising research

advertising3The report Gambling advertising: A critical research review was written by Per Binde for the Responsible Gambling Trust in the UK. It was published in April, 2014.
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The report has an appendix that lists empirical studies examining gambling advertising. Part A of the appendix lists 36 publications presenting studies that focus on gambling advertising; Part B lists 22 publications presenting studies of other kinds that include observations on gambling advertising.

I have prepared an Appendix update, which lists 6 works that have been published after the comple­tion of the report or had escaped my attention when writing it. I provide this Appendix update pro bono as a service to researchers and others who have an interest in gambling advertising. My intention is that the Appendix, together with the update, is a complete list of academic publications presenting empirical studies of gambling advertising. As new works are published, I will add them to the update.

If you know about a publication that presents results from an empirical study of gambling advertising, which is missing from the report and from the Appendix update, please let me know and I will include it. Note that literature reviews and discussion articles (without new empirical data) are not included.

> Update: The bibliography update has been replaced by a full and stand-alone list of empirical studies on gambling advertising

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