The website The Anthropology of Gambling presents the research on gambling by Associate professor Per Binde at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Here you find news and information about my research, publications and activities.

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Third update of gambling advertising bibliography

The report Gambling advertising: A critical research review was written by Per Binde for the Responsible Gambling Trust in the UK. The report was published in April, 2014. The report has an appendix that lists empirical studies examining gambling advertising. Part A of the appendix lists 36 publications presenting studies that focus on gambling advertising; …

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Conceptual Framework of Harmful Gambling (2015 edition)

The key objectives of Conceptual Framework of Harmful Gambling are to: reflect for all readers the state of knowledge of the factors influencing harmful gambling; assist researchers, treatment providers, policy makers, and regulators to better understand the complex dynamics of harmful gambling and facilitate informed decision making; and identify areas where research is most needed …

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