The website The Anthropology of Gambling presents research on gambling by Associate Professor Per Binde at the University of Stockholm, Sweden. Here you find news and information about my research, publications and activities.

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5th edition of gambling advertising research bibliography

The aim of this bibliography is to list all works that present empirical studies of gambling advertising. The fifth edition (December 2022) includes 176 works focusing on gambling advertising. In a separate section, the bibliography lists 58 works on broader topics, but which include research results relating to gambling advertising. Recommended citation: Binde, Per. (2022). …

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A new study on gambling-driven crimes in the workplace

This study was based on a subset of data from our large-scale investigation of gambling-driven crime in Sweden. We focused on crimes that had been committed in workplaces and at non-profit organizations. Abstract This study explored the characteristics and consequences of criminogenic problem gambling in Sweden. All verdicts (N = 283,884) delivered by Swedish general …

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