The website The Anthropology of Gambling presents the research on gambling by Associate professor Per Binde at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Here you find news and information about my research, publications and activities.

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New journal article: Conceptual framework of harmful gambling

The conceptual framework of harmful gambling (CFHG) describes and discusses the harms that gambling can cause to individuals, populations, communities and society. Three editions of the CFHG report have been published between 2013 and 2018. This comprehensive work, authored by international experts on gambling, is now described and summarized in a concise peer-reviewed journal article. …

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Gambling among occupational groups – a new study

In population studies, we typically learn how gambling and problem gambling are distributed across socio-demographic variables, e.g. gender, age, educational level and income. But what are the real-life contexts of gambling and non-gambling that shape this distribution? In this study we investigated gambling in the context of working life. This analytical perspective contributes to the …

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