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Jul 03

Fewer Swedes gamble

Results from the recent population study on gambling (Swelogs 2.0) were presented at a seminar in Stockholm on June 22. Data for the study were collected in the autumn of 2015. The results can be compared with those from the previous population study (Swelogs EP1), with data collection in 2008/2009. The most surprising result from …

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Jul 01

New publication – preventing gambling harm in the workplace

Results have been published from my study on gambling-related embezzlement and other harms from gambling in the workplace. This paper focuses on prevention and responses to gambling harm. Abstract AIMS – Problem gambling, even if it occurs in leisure time, can cause harm in the workplace. Problem gamblers are preoccupied with gambling and often suffer …

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Jun 10

Seminar on the prevention of gambling harm in the workplace

Akan is the Norwegian workplace advisory center for issues relating to alcohol, drugs, and addictive gambling and gaming. Akan was founded in 1963 by representatives from the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) and the Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry (NHO). On May 31, Akan organized a seminar at which a new online tool …

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Dec 29

Third update of gambling advertising bibliography

The report Gambling advertising: A critical research review was written by Per Binde for the Responsible Gambling Trust in the UK. The report was published in April, 2014. The report has an appendix that lists empirical studies examining gambling advertising. Part A of the appendix lists 36 publications presenting studies that focus on gambling advertising; …

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Nov 28

Conceptual Framework of Harmful Gambling (2015 edition)

The key objectives of Conceptual Framework of Harmful Gambling are to: reflect for all readers the state of knowledge of the factors influencing harmful gambling; assist researchers, treatment providers, policy makers, and regulators to better understand the complex dynamics of harmful gambling and facilitate informed decision making; and identify areas where research is most needed …

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Oct 19

Conference on problem gambling in the workplace

Alna is a Swedish organization that works to prevent alcohol and drug harm in the workplace. In the past years, Alna has extended its preventive work to include also harm caused by problem gambling. Alna has since 1961 provided assistance to workplaces through a proactive model. The organization is jointly owned by the Swedish labor …

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Oct 12

RISK – Preventing youth gambling problems

RISK is a Swedish national organization working for the prevention of youth gambling and gaming problems, and for good support to those who already have problems. RISK stands for “RIksförbundet SpelKontroll”, which is a play with the word “control” in relation to gambling (and “National Organization”). Most members of RISK are 16-30 years and have …

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Oct 08

Gambling conference in Helsinki

The Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare organized an international research conference on “Gambling, Politics and Social Issues”, on September 22, 2015. The conference was stimulating as it took a broad and societal perspective on gambling and problem gambling. Topics covered by the presenters included consumer issues relating to gambling in the EU, the …

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Jun 29

Summertime reading

The summer vacation might not be the right time to read heavy gambling studies articles that are filled with statistics and complicated calculations. Here I suggest four text about gambling that are interesting, easy to read and entertaining. Perfect for leisurly reading. They all have in common that they give a perspective on gambling in …

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Jun 17

10th SNSUS conference

The tenth SNSUS conference was held in Stockholm, June 1-3, with 130 particiants and 38 papers presented. SNSUS stands for The Nordic Society Foundation for Information about Problem Gambling. SNSUS organizes Nordic conferences every second year. Many topics in gambling studies were covered at the conference, including regulation, therapy, prevalence and prevention. I presented my …

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