2011 archive

I will present at the Discovery conference

The Responsible Gambling Council in Canada is a non-profit organization that through research, information and awareness is committed to problem gambling prevention. Every year since 2002 the Council holds the Discovery conference. This renowned international conference attracts people who are committed to discovering the latest trends and opportunities in problem gambling prevention, treatment, research and …

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2010 British gambling prevalence survey

The report from the 2010 British gambling prevalence survey has been published. There are many interesting findings in this high quality study. In the adult population, 73% participated in some form of gambling in the past year. This is a return to rates observed in 1999 (72%) and an increase from the rate observed in …

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Swedish report on gambling prevalence

The Swedish Longitudinal Gambling Studies (SWELOGS) has presented a report on the main findings from the 2008/2009 prevalence study. It the first national study in ten years to measure the prevalence of gambling and problem gambling. SWELOGS is a managed by the Swedish National Institute of Public Health. I have been a member of the …

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