2015 archive

Jun 29

Summertime reading

The summer vacation might not be the right time to read heavy gambling studies articles that are filled with statistics and complicated calculations. Here I suggest four text about gambling that are interesting, easy to read and entertaining. Perfect for leisurly reading. They all have in common that they give a perspective on gambling in …

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Jun 17

10th SNSUS conference

The tenth SNSUS conference was held in Stockholm, June 1-3, with 130 particiants and 38 papers presented. SNSUS stands for The Nordic Society Foundation for Information about Problem Gambling. SNSUS organizes Nordic conferences every second year. Many topics in gambling studies were covered at the conference, including regulation, therapy, prevalence and prevention. I presented my …

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May 31

Fifth GARN network meeting

Twice a year the Swedish network of gambling researchers – GARN – gathers for a meeting. The fifth meeting took place in Västerås on May 28-29, 2015. On the first day the discussions continued from the previous meeting about the concept of “behavioral addiction”. There were two presentations on the neurological basis of addiction. Psychologist …

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Apr 22

Gambling disorder = Hasardspelsyndrom

Together with psychologist David Forsström, I have written a commentary on the Swedish translation of  DSM-5 “Gambling disorder”. The commentary is published in the journal Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. > Read the article (open access)   Binde, Per & David Forsström. 2015. The Swedish translation of DSM-5 “Gambling Disorder”: Reflections on nosology and …

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Mar 31

Parliament decision on gambling regulation

The Swedish parliament decided on March 25 that a licensing system shall be implemented on the gambling market. The parliament requests that the government during this year gives directives for an investigation on how such a system should be designed. Actually, this is no news. For several years there has been a political majority for …

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