ANDT+G seminar

Fred Nyberg, coordinator of U-FOLD

Fred Nyberg, coordinator of U-FOLD

Alcohol, Narcotic drugs, Doping, Tobacco (ANDT) and Gambling (G) addictions were the topics of a seminar at the University of Uppsala, May 8. Organizers were the Governmental Council on ANDT in collaboration with U-FOLD, Forum for research on addiction to medical products and illegal drugs at the University of Uppsala.

The purpose of the seminar was to present current knowledge about the mechanisms of addiction in relation to various substances and behaviors (i.e. gambling). The brief presentations gave a good picture of both similarities and differences in addictive mechanisms and their manifestations. Many of the speakers also stressed the urgency of improved prevention, especially in relation to youth and cannabis.

I spoke about “Gambling and disordered gambling: Motivations and risk factors”.

> Seminar program
News report about the seminar

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