Gambling advertising: new edition of the bibliography

The third edition of my bibliography of empirical studies of gambling advertising is now available online. I have added 28 new works with a focus on such advertising, which means that a total of 119 works are now listed.

In 2019, 23 articles and reports on the advertising and marketing of gambling have this far been published. This is more than any other previous year, which reflects the fact that such advertising is a hot and controversial topic in many countries. There is a demand for knowledge about the nature and impacts of gambling advertising. Hopefully this bibliography will be of help to those who wish to know what academic studies on the topic have found.

Abstract The aim of this bibliography is to list all works that present empirical studies of gambling advertising. The third edition (November, 2019) of the bibliography includes 119 works focusing on the topic of gambling advertising. In a separate section, the bibliography also lists 45 works on broader topics, but which include results relating to gambling advertising.

Citation Binde, Per. (2019). A bibliography of empirical studies on gambling advertising (3rd ed.). Gothenburg, Sweden: Retrieved from

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