Gambling Research Network formed


A network is formed; the Swedish word “garn” means “yarn”

The Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs, SoRAD has received funding for a network of Swedish gambling researchers. The support comes from the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (FAS).

The network is called GARN – GAmbling Research Network. The network aims to develop a national meeting place for young as well as experienced researchers with an interest in gambling. The network will develop cooperation between research communities in the country. It will promote and encourage current and new gambling research.

All Swedish researchers who are interested in gambling questions are welcome as members of the GARN network. The only criterion for membership is that the research relates to gambling or gaming as a social, cultural or psychological phenomenon, or to the positive or negative impacts of gambling on the individual or society as a whole.

Two network meetings per year are planned. The first takes place in Stockholm, April 25 to 26. The meetings will include discussions on methodology, current projects, upcoming applications for research funding and the latest developments in the field.

More information about the research network GARN is found on SoRADs website

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