New publication on mutual support

The International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction has published my paper A Swedish mutual support society of problem gamblers. The paper is available here as an “online first” publication.

Mutual support societies for problem gamblers have existed in Sweden for 20 years. They have helped more people with gambling problems than any other institution inside or outside the Swedish health care system. This paper outlines the background of these societies and describes the meetings of one of them. Data come from interviews with members of a local society and participation in mutual support meetings. It is argued that these mutual support societies provide help in a variety of ways and in all phases of recovery from gambling problems. In particular, they help people form personal narratives about the origin, progression, and resolution of their problems, narratives that give insight and guide recovery. These mutual support societies are valuable complements and alternatives to professional treatment.

My research on mutual support groups for problem gamblers have been presented in a book in Swedish (2010): Syna korten: En insats mot spelproblem bland unga. The book focuses on gambling problems among adolescents and young adults and covers also preventive efforts targeting these age groups.

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