PAF responsible gaming summit

Anders Ingves and Anna-Karin Rybeck (Photo: PAF)

Anders Ingves and Anna-Karin Rybeck
(Photo: PAF)

The gambling company PAF held its first responsible gaming summit in Mariehamn, Åland, on October 29. About 70 people participated. There were representatives from gambling companies (both state-owned, commercial and charity), researchers, politicians, representatives of problem gamblers’ associations and companies supplying responsible gaming knowledge and solutions. The mix of people was thus unusually broad for this type of events and all of us got together in a positive and constructive mood.

Pieter Remmers from the EASG (European Association for the Study of Gambling) provided an introduction to responsible gaming and acted as moderator for the day. I presented some thought on the topic “The cultural aspects of gambling: Implications for responsible gaming”. Representatives of PAF, Unibet and Veikkaus offered their views on responsible gaming from a business perspective.

A series of presentation concerned responsible gaming in practice and its effectiveness, among others: Jakob Jonsson (Silabs), Tex Rees (eCOGRA) and Anna-Karin Rybeck (Karolinska institutet). A panel discussion brought up a wide range of topics such as gambling advertising and the possibilities of cooperation between gambling companies in providing multi-company self-exclusion to problem gamblers.

Finally, CEO of PAF Anders Ingves and researcher Anna-Karin Rybeck (see photo) announced a cooperation in which PAF will provide anonymized player data for research with the objective of exploring patterns of play indicative of problem gambling.

> Presentations and videos will soon be available here



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