RISK – Preventing youth gambling problems

risk_logoRISK is a Swedish national organization working for the prevention of youth gambling and gaming problems, and for good support to those who already have problems. RISK stands for “RIksförbundet SpelKontroll”, which is a play with the word “control” in relation to gambling (and “National Organization”).

Most members of RISK are 16-30 years and have personal experience of gambling or gaming problems, either themselves or among significant others. RISK started in 2013 and has emerged as a very active organization with connections and dialogs with stakeholders in the Swedish gambling sector, including government authorities and various business organizations. The local chapters of RISK (currently three) organizes social activities for young people. The number of members is relatively small, but quickly growing.

At present, RISK pushes for three prioritized policy issues.

  1. Eliminating gambling advertising targeting young people.
  2. Better organization of support and treatment for problem gamblers and their significant others.
  3. More effective prevention of problem gambling, especially with regard to youth and young adults.

On October 10-11, RISK held its annual national meeting in Borås. Much of the meeting was devoted to planning future activities but two external speakers were invited. One was from the Swedish Gambling Authority, who presented the Authority’s activities to keep order on the Swedish gambling market. I was the other speaker, and I made some reflections, from a research point of view, on RISKs three priority policy issues.

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