Seminar on the prevention of gambling harm in the workplace

akan_logoAkan is the Norwegian workplace advisory center for issues relating to alcohol, drugs, and addictive gambling and gaming. Akan was founded in 1963 by representatives from the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) and the Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry (NHO).

On May 31, Akan organized a seminar at which a new online tool for the prevention of problem gambling and gaming was launched: “Jeg Spiller”. The tool includes, among other things, a self-test and a service for logging money spent on gambling and time spent on gaming. The tool is available here:

At the seminar there were also other interesting presentations: the Swedish organization Alna’s program for the prevention of gambling harm in the workplace, Akan’s program with the same purpose, and an update on the internet based problem gambling counseling service I presented results from my study on gambling-related embezzlement in Swedish workplaces. The presentations (in Norwegian and Swedish) are available here.

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