X-CONS seminar on youth gambling

lyckas_utan_spelThe past week has been very busy with a number of meetings in Stockholm that all had to do with gambling. Here come a few notes about some of them. More posts will follow.

X-CONS Haninge is an organization based in a suburb of Stockholm that runs a number of projects to prevent social problems and drug use. One project is Lyckas utan spel (“Be successful without gambling”). On March 13 the project organized a seminar on youth gambling problems. About 70 people attended and learned a lot about how mutual support and activities involving sports, music and art can be used to help youth who excessively engage in gambling and gaming or are at risk of doing so.

The concluding debate on how to support youth with gambling problems involved X-CONS staff, politicians, representatives from a gambling company and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, as well as researchers (including myself).

Click here to watch a video from the seminar

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