2013 archive

Mar 20

X-CONS seminar on youth gambling

The past week has been very busy with a number of meetings in Stockholm that all had to do with gambling. Here come a few notes about some of them. More posts will follow. X-CONS Haninge is an organization based in a suburb of Stockholm that runs a number of projects to prevent social problems …

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Mar 02

New article: Gambling in Sweden

My article “Gambling in Sweden: The cultural and socio-political context” has been published in the journal Addiction. The article is included in the series “National gambling experiences”, which gives brief, yet comprehensive and well-informed, overviews of gambling and problem gambling in various countries. Abstract Aim To provide an overview, with respect to Sweden, of the …

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Feb 01

Free access to IGS gambling journal

Tylor & Francis Online is offering free access to all Routledge Behavioral Science Journals throughout February. Access to the journal articles is normally available only to subscribing institutions (such as university libraries) and to individuals who pay per article. This offer includes many interesting journals – start here. Among the journals with free access in …

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Jan 25

Gambling Research Network formed

The Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs, SoRAD has received funding for a network of Swedish gambling researchers. The support comes from the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (FAS). The network is called GARN – GAmbling Research Network. The network aims to develop a national meeting place for young as …

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Jan 01

Focus on gambling studies

From January 1, 2013, I’m on a six month leave of absence from the University of Gothenburg. For a while, I have been working at the university with many other things than research – that is, administration and various teaching-related duties. I will now focus on gambling research. In a first phase that means writing …

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