Bibliography of studies on gambling advertising

In 2014, I compiled a bibliography of empirical studies on gambling advertising, which was included as appendix to a research review of such studies. Since then, I have prepared additions to that bibliography, which have been available at this website, listing the most recent works in this field.

I have now compiled a stand-alone and full bibliography, including the works listed in the 2014 research review, as well as recent works and works that did not turn up in my earlier searches of the literature. The title is A bibliography of empirical studies on gambling advertising (click to download).

Abstract (updated with info for the second edition, 2018):
The aim of this bibliography is to list all works that present empirical studies of gambling advertising. The first second edition of the bibliography includes 80 91works focusing on the topic of gambling advertising. In a separate section, the bibliography also lists 38 42 works on broader topics, but which include results relating to gambling advertising.

Citation (updated, 2018)
Binde, Per. (2018). A bibliography of empirical studies on gambling advertising (2ed.) Gothenburg, Sweden: Retrieved from

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