I am honored to receive the SNSUS award

Every second year the organization SNSUS (the Nordic Society Foundation for Information about Problem Gambling) organizes an international gambling conference. At that occasion, SNSUS also awards its price for excellent work in the field of problem gambling.

This year two separate prizes were awarded. One was given to the Akan Kompetensesenter in Norway, an organization that helps Norwegian businesses to prevent and handle issues related to alcohol, drugs, gaming and gambling. I was awarded the other price, for the following reason, as it was announced at the conference in Tampere in June, 2019:

“For excellent and innovative work in the field of problem gambling. This year’s winner of the SNSUS award has changed and broaden the view about the motivation for gambling and what impact advertising for gambling might have on people’s perception about gambling. Not only is the winner a dedicated researcher, and one of the best in field, those of us who have the pleasure of knowing him knows that he is a humble and gentle person with a big heart. This year’s SNSUS award goes to Per Binde.”

I am very honored to receive the SNSUS award. The honor is especially great because the SNSUS is an organization with so much knowledge in the field of problem gambling. But my work and research had not been possible without the inspiration, discussions and collaborations that I have had with people in gambling field over the years: researchers, treatment providers, mutual support societies, public health professionals, regulators, and other.

Previous recipients of the SNSUS award are listed here. They are individuals or organizations who have made great achievements in preventing problem gambling, helping people to overcome their addiction to gambling, and study and inform about problem gambling.

I am very grateful for the recognition I have received for my work. I have focused on gambling studies since 2001 and have never regretted concentrating on this topic. There have been many interesting aspects to explore and it feels good to contribute with knowledge that is useful for prevention of problem gambling and the regulation of the gambling market.

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