Dec 20

New publication on problem gambling terminology

spelberoende_doodle3bThe new issue of the journal Lotteriinspektionens skriftserie (in Swedish) includes an article of mine. The article is about Swedish terminology relating to problem gambling and aims at clarifying some of the most common terms. You find an abstract below as well as a link to the article.

Lotteriinspektionens skriftserie (“Periodical of the Swedish Gambling Authority”) is published twice a year. It includes articles about various aspects of gambling, but naturally the focus is on legislation and regulation. The most recent issue (no. 4) contains two other articles besides mine. One is about gambling law, by Torbjörn Ingvarsson from Uppsala University, the other about gender and gambling, by Jessika Svensson from the Swedish National Institute of Public Health.


  • Binde, Per. 2013. ”Spelberoende” och relaterade begrepp: Vad betyder de egentligen? [“Pathological gambling” and related terms: What do they actually mean?]. Lotteriinspektionens skriftserie, no. 4, p. 19-38.

ABSTRACT [Translated to English] “Pathological gambling” and similar terms, such as “problem gambling” and “excessive gambling”, are used with different meanings. We come across the terms in official texts and mass media. Sometimes the author is not fully aware about what they actually mean. Other times, the reader interprets the words in a way that is not consistent with what is intended. Concepts and statistical data from various studies, relating to the prevalence of problem gambling, are also present in media and sometimes used in ways that do not correspond to their actual meanings. All this contributes to confusion about gambling issues and misunderstandings in discussions and debates. This article wants to clarify key concepts in the field of problem gambling. It is aimed primarily at lay people and has two main parts. The first section of the article deals with concepts related to problem gambling and negative consequences of gambling; the second section is about key concepts in scientific studies of the population prevalence of problem gambling.

> Read the article (in Swedish)

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