RFMA conference on gambling addiction

The RFMA (The national association against alcohol and drug addiction) held a conference on gambling addiction on February 7. Around 70 participants gathered in Stockholm for a full day program about pathways in and out of problem gambling.

Among the speakers were Fred Nyberg, professor at Uppsala University, the Faculty of Pharmacy, who gave a very informative talk about the neurobiological processes involved in addiction to drugs and gambling. Jakob Jonsson from Spelinstitutet told about pathways leading to gambling problems, with many examples from the clients he met during his long career as a CBT-therapist. The topic of therapy was more generally covered by Henrik Josephson and Lina Hedda from FORUM in Stockholm.

Anders Stymne had come all the way from Paris to tell us about what Swedish authorities have done throughout the years in terms of prevention of problem gambling and the development of treatment modalities. I myself held a presentation about changes in gambling and problem gambling in Sweden, as well as about why people gamble.

The presentations from the conference will be available at the RFMA website.

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