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Dec 20

New publication on problem gambling terminology

The new issue of the journal Lotteriinspektionens skriftserie (in Swedish) includes an article of mine. The article is about Swedish terminology relating to problem gambling and aims at clarifying some of the most common terms. You find an abstract below as well as a link to the article. Lotteriinspektionens skriftserie (“Periodical of the Swedish Gambling …

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Dec 14

RGT conference on harm minimization

The Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT) is the leading charity in the UK committed to minimizing gambling-related harm. It funds education, prevention and treatment services and commissions research. On December 11, the RGT hosted its first ever harm minimization conference in London. The conference brought together about 150 participants from government, academia, industry and responsible gambling campaigners. …

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Dec 14

Problem gamblers’ national conference

Mutual support societies of problem gamblers have been present in Sweden for 20 years. These societies have helped more people with gambling problems than any other institution inside or outside the Swedish health care system. Most of the mutual support societies belong to the National Association of Gambling Addicts (Spelberoendes riksförbund, SBRF). SBRF and its …

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Nov 03

PAF responsible gaming summit

The gambling company PAF held its first responsible gaming summit in Mariehamn, Åland, on October 29. About 70 people participated. There were representatives from gambling companies (both state-owned, commercial and charity), researchers, politicians, representatives of problem gamblers’ associations and companies supplying responsible gaming knowledge and solutions. The mix of people was thus unusually broad for …

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Oct 31

Second GARN network meeting

The Swedish Gambling Research Network (GARN) held its second meeting on October 24-25 in Stockholm. About 20 researchers participated. Three invited guest speakers presented on the first day of the meeting: Robert Williams (University of Lethbridge, Canada), Sylvia Kairouz (Concordia university, Canada) and Ludwig Kraus (IFT Institut für Therapieforschung, Germany). Their presentations are available here. …

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Sep 12

Question: Dice games in old criminal law?

A question to the readers: does anybody know anything about the use of dice games in old criminal law? The reason why I ask this question is that I am writing a paper on the Swedish judicial use of dice games in the 17th-19th centuries. The focus is on cases of manslaughter when there were …

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Aug 31

Fishing and gambling

The summer has been wonderful here on the Swedish west coast. I have spent much time at sea, boating and fishing. The photo shows two seatrouts that I caught. Fishing and gambling have similarities, especially if you consider bait casting (spinning) in relation to repetitive forms of gambling, such as slot machines. Some of the …

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Jul 29

Good summer reading: Fate’s Bookie

Now when it’s summer vacation I spend much time outdoors fishing and boating. But in the recent days when it has been raining, I’ve read an interesting and entertaining book about gambling that I recommend to you all: – Fate’s Bookie: How the Lottery Shaped the World, by Gary Hicks (2009; The History Press). The …

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Jun 01

SNSUS conference in Norway

SNSUS held its ninth Nordic conference in Hamar, Norway, May 27-29. SNSUS stands for The Nordic Society Foundation for Information about Problem Gambling. There were more than 100 participants, not only from Nordic countries but also from Australia, Canada and other parts of the world. Among the topics covered by the presentations may be mentioned …

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May 13

ANDT+G seminar

Alcohol, Narcotic drugs, Doping, Tobacco (ANDT) and Gambling (G) addictions were the topics of a seminar at the University of Uppsala, May 8. Organizers were the Governmental Council on ANDT in collaboration with U-FOLD, Forum for research on addiction to medical products and illegal drugs at the University of Uppsala. The purpose of the seminar was to …

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