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Jul 11

Another new publication on mutual support

My paper A mutual support group for young problem gamblers has been published by the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction. The paper is available as an “online first” publication, klick here. Abstract A Swedish mutual support group for young problem gamblers is described and discussed. During the study period, 116 weekly meetings occurred, usually …

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Jun 27

New publication on mutual support

The International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction has published my paper A Swedish mutual support society of problem gamblers. The paper is available here as an “online first” publication. Abstract Mutual support societies for problem gamblers have existed in Sweden for 20 years. They have helped more people with gambling problems than any other …

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May 15

Internet poker problems decline

A recent report from the Swedish national helpline for problem gamblers shows a significant decrease in calls relating to internet poker, from 30 percent in 2007 to 21 percent in 2010. In absolute numbers the decrease is even more striking: down from 173 calls in 2007 to 86 in 2010. On the other hand, calls …

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Apr 16

Report from the Discovery conference

Responsible gambling was the theme of the Discovery 2011 conference, organized by the Responsible Gambling Council of Canada. The conference was held in Ottawa April 5-8 and had around 200 participants. Most of them were from Canada and the United States, but researchers, regulators and industry people from other countries around the world were also …

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Mar 12

Book on Swedish lottery millionaires

 Gambling advertising typically portrays hitting a lottery jackpot as the height of happiness. In the newspapers, however, we often read stories about how big lottery winnings have brought misery. A study at the University of Gothenburg gives a truer picture. Sociologist Anna Hedenus made a survey of 429 people who had won a lot …

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